• The community health center's rapid antigen test has been suspended since the 11th.
    카테고리 없음 2022. 4. 1. 22:34

    From the 11th, rapid antigen tests conducted at screening clinics and temporary screening centers at health centers across the country will be suspended.


    Accordingly, health centers only conduct PCR (Genetic Amplification) tests for high-risk groups, and rapid antigen tests are conducted centering on private medical facilities such as local hospitals and clinics.


    On the 1st, the Central Disease Control Headquarters announced that the decision was made in consideration of the decrease in the number of confirmed patients in Korea and the expansion of rapid antigen tests through local hospitals and clinics.


    Instead, the public health center plans to focus its capabilities on managing the vulnerable and high-risk groups.


    In order to undergo a rapid antigen test from the 11th, you can visit a respiratory clinic and a local hospital designated as a respiratory medical institution.


    Those aged 60 or older, those who received doctor's note that testing is necessary, and those who are involved in epidemiology such as close contacts, can continue to undergo PCR tests at public health centers as they are now.


    For low-income families, self-examination kits will be distributed free of charge by local governments and health centers.


    Kim Hyun, head of the diagnostic test operation team, explained, "Local governments will distribute test kits free of charge to basic livelihood recipients, the next-highest class, elderly facilities living alone, and medical vulnerable residents." The government is currently providing free test kits to daycare centers, children and elementary schools, workers in infectious facilities, elderly facilities, and pregnant women.

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