• "I lost what to say." What happened at Walmart?
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    A man in his 20s tried to rip a woman's underwear and sexually assault her at a supermarket in Miami and Florida, but failed.


    According to the British Daily Star on the 24th (local time), Braden Harvey (28) visited Walmart on the 20th and approached a woman who was shopping.


    Harvey picked up the dress from behind the woman and grabbed her hips. The frightened woman tried to defend, but Harvey tore and pushed her underwear to the floor.


    At the woman's scream, shoppers around her rushed to remove Harvey and the woman.


    According to the released video, three strong men hugged Harvey's arms and head in white tops and bottoms to suppress him. They surrounded Harvey and laid him on the floor until the police came. Other guests took care of the victim and made sure she was not injured.


    A female customer who was grocery shopping at the time said in an interview with local media, "I'm speechless. Mart is a place where families and children visit, but it's a pity that they can't be protected."


    Another customer said, "I often come to Wal-Mart, but I'm afraid now," adding, "I'm scared because I think someone will come and touch me."


    The police said, "Mart is an open place, but Harvey didn't care and attacked the woman," adding, "He is too brazen." We may have done this before and we expect more victims."


    The police charged Harvey with attempted sexual assault. Harvey was found to have been suspended for a previous crime. In this case, Harvey was fined $50,000 (about 61 million won) along with a ban on access to Wal-Mart.

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