• The government introduces 460,000 people of edible treatments by the end of next month and considers swaps.
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    The government announced that it will introduce a total of 460,000 people by the end of next month ahead of the introduction of oral treatment for COVID-19.


    The Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters announced on the 25th that it is pushing to introduce a total of 460,000 people early, including some of the food treatments that have been secured so far, sequentially in Korea by the end of April.


    There are two types of eating treatments currently being prescribed in Korea: Pfizer's "Pax Robide" and Merck & Company's "Lagebrio" (component name Molupiravir).


    A total of 163,000 people were introduced as of the 24th. From January 24 to the previous day, it was used by 113,783 people, including patients at home therapists, life treatment centers, and hospitals dedicated to infectious diseases, and the remaining volume is 48,947.


    On top of that, a total of 184,000 people will come in by the end of this month, including 84,000 people who arrived on the same day and 40,000 people who will come in within this month, 20,000 people who were introduced on the 23rd and will arrive on the 27th.


    In addition, an additional 276,000 people will be introduced in April, so 460,000 treatments will be introduced for about a month from the end of March to the end of April, the government explains.


    However, the detailed volume of treatments for each pharmaceutical company to be introduced next month will be disclosed later.


    Lee Ki-il, the first controller of the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasure Headquarters, said at a briefing, "We are currently positively discussing the case of overseas (prescription) treatment, "Ibusild," which is used for severe immunosuppressants who are difficult to form immunity with vaccination."


    If necessary, the authorities said they will also consider exchanging treatments with foreign governments by borrowing the "swap" method previously used at the time of the introduction of the COVID-19 vaccine.


    Although the number of patients has recently decreased somewhat, the government is speeding up the introduction of treatments, believing that critically ill patients will reach their peak from the end of this month with the time difference from the peak of confirmed patients.


    Amid voices complaining of a shortage of treatments in the medical field, the government has actively refuted that sufficient supplies are being introduced.


    Prime Minister Kim Boo-kyum emphasized at the COVID-19 Central Headquarters meeting presided over by the Sejong Government Complex, "As we continue to expand prescription targets and institutions, more than 7,000 people are being administered per day, and inventory is rapidly decreasing."


    Prime Minister Kim said, "We are taking preemptive measures to ensure that there is no shortage of treatments eaten at the frontline medical sites," adding, "In addition, we are in the final stage of the contract to introduce additional supplies as early as possible in April."


    Meanwhile, the government has started to prepare a system to prevent misuse of the new treatment Ragevrio, which will be prescribed in earnest from the 26th.


    Ragebrio will be prescribed to patients in earnest from the 26th with emergency approval on the 23rd, and will be administered to those aged 60 or older, those with underlying diseases aged 40 or older, and those who are unable to use existing treatments among immunosuppression. However, pregnant women or children and adolescents under the age of 18 are excluded from the medication.


    The authorities have completed the registration of the Drug Safety Use Service (DUR) system to prevent wrong prescriptions for pregnant women, children, and adolescents, and added drug information to the patient management information system.


    In addition, medical institutions have distributed a "treatment guide" related to the Ragevrio prescription guide, and pharmacies will provide detailed medication guides to patients.


    If side effects occur after using the drug, you can report them to the Korea Drug Safety Administration (drugsafe.or.kr. or ☎1644-6223) or receive related consultations.

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