• Yankee Candle Product Detects Humidifier Sterilizer Tragedy
    카테고리 없음 2022. 3. 24. 23:21

    The ingredients contained in humidifier disinfectants came out of the car air freshener of Yankee Candle in the United States, the No. 1 scented candle brand. It is estimated that at least 70,000 consumers bought this product. Nevertheless, the vendors did not inform us until two months after the recall order was issued. There are even some places that still sell products.

    Yoo, who lives in Incheon, received an e-mail from Coupang, an online shopping mall, on the 21st.

    The explanation was that CMIT, a banned substance, came out of the car air freshener of the Yankee Candle that Yoo bought, so get a recall.

    CMIT is an ingredient pointed out as the cause of the "humidifier disinfectant case" in which 6,800 official victims have been reported for 17 years.

    [Mr. Yoo / Recall buyer: My friends and family rode it, and even my cat rode it, but honestly, it's a bit uncomfortable and I'm nervous. These days, I think coughing is not because of COVID-19, but because of this]

    Lee, who lives in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, has kept this air freshener in his children's room for more than a year.

    [Auntie / Recall product buyer: I put it in the baby's closet and in the back of the baby's clothes. The baby's skin is already sensitive and he is going to the hospital now, but can this be said to have had no effect?]

    As such, about 70,000 consumers have received recall emails from Coupang.

    However, the recall order was issued two months before Coupang sent an e-mail.

    Likewise, Naver, which sold this product, only sent a recall notice to consumers four days before Coupang.

    On January 17th, the Hangang River Basin Environment Agency under the Ministry of Environment confirmed that Yankee Candle products contain harmful substances.

    When CMIT was detected in the air freshener, we issued a ban on imports and sales and a recall order.

    [Kim Jin-yong / Senior Researcher at the Korea Institute of Environmental Industrial Technology] It is an allergy-causing substance that can cause skin corrosiveness, irritation, and irritability, and if exposed to the lungs through inhalation, it can have an effect.]

    The target is the "Yankee Candle Spears" Mid Summer Night scent and Clean Cotton scent sold by an importer.

    The importer said, "When I first imported from the United States, there was no problem with the harmfulness in the test, but it was detected this time, " adding that he would recall and refund it.

    However, the same products brought in by other importers are still sold online.

    In response, Yankee Candle's Korean headquarters said, "The product subject to recall is not the official product of the Korean headquarters," adding, "The Korean headquarters has stopped selling this product three years ago."

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